Olympus Superzoom 30x SP-800UZ – DROOOLZ!

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I just had the above camera in my grubby little hands.  Yes, it´s out here in Japan already (supposed to be released elsewhere in mid March 2010, but can´t find anything on the web), price approx. 370€.  I am oh so tempted, and I will probably, possibly, almost quite definitely (LOL) get this little marvel tomorrow, because for that price I would never get anything remotely like that back in Lanzarote, and certainly not until in a year´s time!  Plus it´s the first and only 30x optical zoom camera in the World.  Olympus were the first to produce their 26x zoom camera where everybody else just had 24x zoom capability, and now they´ve done it again (where everybody else is still at 26x zoom, hehe). 

Here in Tokyo they let you try cameras out in the shops – rest of World, please LEARN something from that – so I was playing with it for a while, and the photo quality is as good as Olympus gets (just as good as my Panasonic and Nikon cameras, that is) and my main concern is always the weight, which is why I shun detachable lens cameras, they weigh a ton – this Olympus camera weighs simply *nothing*.  I thought my other 2 cameras are light, but this one…. it must be around 400g including battery.  A-farkin-mazing.

Click here to read a quick review here, my camera geek friends (even if you prefer “real” cameras with detachable lenses etc.).  Everybody else can just skip this entry. 😉

UPDATE: HRRRUMPFFF!  I just found that in the US this camera sells for only 350USD/260€!!! How is this possible?  How DARE they?!  I bet it´s gonna be a different story in Europe if and when this camera comes out…. but…. *cries* why why why would it be so much more expensive HERE in Japan when it´s a Japanese company?!

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