Last Day in Tokyo Pt. 2

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So how did I spent my last day in Tokyo? Like I said, I went back to Tokyo Dome City to use up that last ride I had on my 5-ride ticket and went on the Thunder Dolphin again. Yay. Whatta rush. Managed to sneak in my camera, so here´s the video of me being *on* the rollercoaster this time, as opposed to filming it from the ground – and yes, I *do* scream like a girl, hehe:

After that I went for a last bit of shopping in Shinjuku (only got little bits, like cat nail stickers and some earrings from Claire´s Accessories), and then… got a new haircut! Looks great, I like, and the hairdresser also gave me a free neck/shoulder and head massage and refreshments. I wish I could have got a bit of colour (blue or purple) done as well, but I didn´t have the time anymore and I had to leave for the airport at 6pm.

Flying back was not as good as flying out, cause I had a fat bloke sitting next to me who kept “cramping my style” and even after asking him about 5 times he still kept moving into my own personal space and seating space! Grrrr. Hence I didn´t manage to sleep at all on the 13hr flight, and I was (and still am!) in agony with muscle pains all over once I got to Paris. Then on to Madrid, and another flight to Lanzarote, where I finally managed to get some kip stretched out on a whole row to myself… :)

So now I´m back home with the kitties.  And was I happy to see them, and were they happy to see me! 😀



I’m totally jealous of your trip and amazed at how you were also able to update the blog as often and as well as you did. Great job!




mike @ 15/04/2010 17:05


@mike well, because of my RA and fibro, I do need quite a bit of rest at the end of each exhausting day, so that´s when I did the blog. Also, it does help to have hi-speed ADSL in your hotel room! :)

I hope you get to Tokyo some day, it´s a fantastic, mad city.



Barbarella @ 16/04/2010 08:21


Man, that rollercoaster looks cool as f*ck! How did you manage to keep hold of the camera?!



Barbarella Reply:

@Eric, I wrapped the strap round my wrist! Also, the G-force doesn´t require your hands to hold on to anything. It´s more fun that way! 😉



Eric @ 13/06/2010 00:19

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